See the World Through 0s and 1s

Teaching students volatile STEM Skills to prepare them for the 21st Century. At B1ts N' Bytes we have a program for every stage in your kid's learning journey.


Our STEM based programs teach beyond what kids learn in school. Our teaching team of skilled Engineers emphasize on real world challenges and solutions.

STEAM(Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math)

Our classes start with a concept or a problem that challenges students to think critically and discover solutions using design and programming principles.

Our Vision and Mission

We believe in introducing and teaching STEM
education to children that will inspire them to become tomorrow’s innovators and industry leaders.


Our Virtual workshops gives students the chance to learn fundamental skills in programming, Web Development, 3D designing and many more.


This is where ideas become reality. We teach Design Thinking, modified as appropriate for the age of the students, to focus their thoughts on solving specific challenges.

Community Building

We want all students, especially girls and marginalized children, to learn how to code. Thats why we offer fair and negotiable prices.

Education Mixed with Fun

We provide a fun learning experience that parents want for their children and that children want to do. Brain research shows that fun is an important ingredient for learning and memory.


Intellectual Growth

Better understanding of academia and theoretical knowledge.

Technical skills Development

Gain of practical Knowledge by applying to real life.

Economic opportunities

Job employment or become an employer, ‘Freelancer’ in the future i.e web developer, software developer, AI etc.

Leadership skills

Able to pass down and share knowledge to others. Furthermore, contribute as a leader in society



As STEM minds, our team consist of engineers and certified educators. This gives us the opportunity to provide an authentic one of a kind experience to our students. All of our instructors go through extreme vetting and Toronto Police background check. 

Abdul Rehman Khan

Founder and CEO

4th year Ryerson Computer Engineering Student focused on Microcontrollers Automation and Entrepreneurship.

Talha Khan


4th year York University International Relations and Economics. Specializing in Organizational Development and Public Relations.

Fatima Hassan


4th year Ryerson Electrical engineering Student pursing quality control and
project management.

John You

Designer UI/UX

Artist and Graphics Designer graduated from Ontario College of Arts and Design. interested in Front End designing.

Claudia Alonzo

Lead Instructor

4th year Ryerson Biomedical Engineering student specializing in prosthetic and Biomedical images.

Muneeb Khan

Design Lead

Mechanical engineer currently specializing in automotive engineering and manufacturing.