Below we have answered frequently asked questions. the list will be updated as more questions will be asked.

What equipment will we need to set up at home?

- Access to a computer or laptop to work on their projects. A second screen that is large enough to view and follow along with the instructor’s    lesson if possible.
- A microphone as well as headphones/earbuds to participate in the activities and communicate with the instructor.
- A reliable internet connection.
- A functional webcam or built-in camera to participate in some activities.

As a parent, Do I need to stay in the room with my child?

You will not have to stay in the same room during class, but you may need to offer support if they experience connection issues. Parent involvement is necessary if they studennts are young.

What technology will you be using for the classes?

For kids classes we will likely be using Zoom to livestream our class activities and interact with our students. Please note that this is subject to change as we are we are constantly exploring more virtual options. We would also be using various platforms such as repttl.io, tinkercad, lego design studio and many more to have the best learning experience.