Programs Offered 

Children are stuck at home with limited social interaction and educational opportunities. Its never to late to join STEM.

 Intro to Python age 9-15

Python is an easy to learn programming language. Students will be introduced to syntax and will create interactive programs. This course is perfect for students who want to learn and refresh their current coding knowledge.

Coding mini games with Python         age 9-15

 Student will learn game designs with managable graphics and code. Furthermore apply logical thinking and coding principles, while introducing to programming structure and debugging in python. 

Scratch 3 age 7-13

Drag and drop block based programming for young students to understand the structure of code. Kids will learn to create stories, games, animation.

Video Game Design age 7-13

When students build games they become the writers, artists, designers, and developers of their own interactive stories. We use educational programs that will teach students to create characters, backgrounds, sounds and features.

Lego Digital Design age 7-15

For kids that love legos, we use Lego Digital design to build virtual lego models and run simulations. This is a great start for kids to practice for First Lego Leauge competitions

Web Development age 9-15

In this course students will learn about World wide web and the importance of internet. Furthermore students will design their own websites and learn to publish on the wold wide web

3D Designing age 9-13

How are things created? In this course we will bring two dimension objects to three dimensions. This program will give students an advantage in the future for CAD designs and in manufacturing industry.

Intro to Circuits age 9-16

Learn the basic principles of circuits through designing and simulating. Understand circuitry components such as batteries, leds, resistors, switches and many more.

Math Tutoring all ages

One one One Math tutoring from our professional engineers. understand Math principles and concepts.